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Translation of video and audio recordings

We perform text translations for audio/video recordings of any format, dubbing the translation in audio recording or  reproducing the text in written form on screen, that is, as subtitles. We ensure that the expression, as well as text and picture (if it is a graphic presentation) of the translated material corresponds with the genre of audio/video, its target group and market segment.

Just as with any other translation works, the translations of audio/video materials are  carried out by the experts in specific area. If the material to be translated is an artwork and the translation needs to be dubbed and recorded with artistic and imaginative diction, then for the voice-recording translators are involved who are specialized in this particular type of work, i.e., for this translation project several interpreters are engaged, each with specific functions.

In fact, subtitle embedding is the least expensive way of doing translation, but not always it is suitable for the audio/video material to fulfil its intended task. Therefore, so that you could decide, which type of translation would be necessary for your audio/video material – dubbing translation or subtitle embedding, – we invite you to contact us and tell us in detail about the potential audience or the way how these materials are going to be used. "e-tulks" will guarantee professional and excellent translations of your audio/video materials!