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Written text translation

                                         “Translation is very much like copying paintings.”
                                                                                                                                          Boris Pasternak

As Boris Pasternak has brilliantly and precisely pointed out about hundred years ago, translation is more than just a text transcription into another language. Therefore we are collaborating only with translators who carry out qualitative and professional translations, whose target language is native and who are specialized in the theme of the translated text.

Our translators are experts in the following areas:

- culture,
- literature,
- advertising,
- communications,
- PR,
- jurisprudence,
- engineering and technology,
- business, including correspondence with persons abroad,
- finances,
- transportation,
- computers and software,
- science,
- agriculture,
- etc.

Languages. Here you will always have at your disposal a professional and qualitative written text translation from documents of any format, to/from any language, with relevance to the specifics of the language of the particular professional area.

Terms and payments. We offer translations for very welcoming prices and, for our   regular clients, also a flexible discount system. And we certainly guarantee you to carry out the translation always by the appointed time. But, in case you need an urgent translation or an express translation, we will translate the text within one day or within several hours.

Formatting, layout design. Besides the translation we also offer to carry out, according to your needs and the specifics of the original text, the formatting of the translation and various options of document layout design. And, if necessary, we can perform notarial certification of the translations.

Confidentiality. In case you need translation of contracts, international correspondence, company documents or other confidential information, you may entrust the translation of these materials with absolute reliance to the “e-tulks” team who fully guarantees the safety of your information and absolute confidentiality! For your assurance, we offer to conclude a contract of confidentiality.