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Oral translations

Are you looking for someone who could carry out oral translation in your specific case? Contact us, explain us your situation, and we will offer you, in terms of convenience and cost, the most suitable solution for the oral translation.

"e-tulks" provides oral translation for talks both during meetings and over the phone, as well as for seminars, conferences, tourist groups, guides and other situations. We supply oral translation services during international travels as well.

For oral translation we provide interpreters who are specialized in the field of the particular theme to be translated and they always are additionally prepared for the given topic. If the oral translation is carried out not during a telephone conversation, but in direct presence of participating parties, then the interpreter observes also the specific cultural etiquette of participants, including appropriate clothing for the event.

Depending on the particular situation and the number of participants, oral translation solutions can be divided in two basic modes, i.e., simultaneous or consecutive interpretation:

Simultaneous interpretation– the translation is delivered to addressees simultaneously with the author of the speech or audio/video transmission, i.e., there is no pause between the source utterance and its translation.

a) Participants listen to the translation, using their headphones, but interpreters are located in a special, acoustically isolated booth. The translation can be produced in several languages at the same time, and this is the most suitable mode of interpretation for large, stationary groups.

b) Interpreter is situated near the addressee and the translation is rendered in a whisper. The interpreter orally translates for one person only, or at maximum two people. This mode of translation can be applied both indoors as well as being mobile.

Consecutive interpretation– interpreter is situated in the same room as the other participants of the talks, and interpreter renders the original message after several sentences. The author of the text is informed about pauses to be held during the interpreting process. This is the most suitable mode of oral translation for talks among few people, for small group meetings or lectures, for guide and tourist group accompaniments.


We offer oral translations in the following areas:

- business,

- finances,

- engineering and technologies,

- advertising, marketing,

- PR, communications,

- jurisprudence,

- culture, history,

- transportation,

- science,

- agriculture,

- and others.

Feel free to ask us about the most suitable oral translation mode and its costs – please, call us or write – we are at your service!