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Translations and other services

Written translations
Written text translation from documents of any format, of any topic from/to any language,  with relevance to the professional language specifics of the  particular area. Express translations.

Notarized translations
If you have to submit the translated document formally in an institution (abroad or in Latvia) or if there is a translation of an international cooperation contract, then it  might be necessary to certify its translation by a notary.

Attestation of the translation accuracy
We attest the translation accuracy with the signature of a sworn translator and the translation bureau seal. You may choose this form of attestation if a notarized translation is not required.

Document legalization or APOSTILLE
It may happen that the original document should be legalized if issued abroad, but has to be submitted in an institution in Latvia, or vice versa. We offer consultations and support in document legalization.

Oral translations
Oral translations – simultaneous and consecutive interpreting – in international conferences, press conferences, seminars, business talks,  international telephone conversations, etc.

Translation of video and audio recordings
Translation of subtitles or audio text translation for film subtitles, various broadcasts and other video recordings.

Editing, proofreading
The revision of language stylistics or grammar of our translations or translations submitted by you; the guarantee of relevance to the language specifics of a particular area.

Original text development
Creative and accurate text development. Professional texts for websites in various languages, for mass media, advertising, etc.

Text layout and design
Professional text formatting of a document and various options of layout design, and not just for our translations.